“There is not one square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is sovereign over all, does not cry, ‘Mine!'”    
-Abraham Kuyper

North American Christians have gotten used to pretending that the secular version of whatever they’re doing is the real version, and the Christian version adds Jesus like a condiment. That’s stupid and we’re done with it. Over here in the real world, Jesus is King. If we’re going to deal in the full spectrum of reality, we can’t be wasting time and effort with attenuated, secularized versions of anything.

Jesus is King. By Him all things were made. All things are unto Him and for Him, and in Him all things consist. Over the course of human history, we have amassed an immense store of knowledge about the human body-mind and its capabilities to move, to heal itself, to care for other people. All of that knowledge, no matter who is stewarding it, belongs to Jesus. We’re here to take it back.

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