Healing Presence

Healing Presence is a discipline of hands-on healing for blessing the whole person through the Holy Spirit. In Healing Presence, we practice loving attention, lay on hands, anoint with oil, and pray in the presence of God.

Practice loving attention. In our culture, we are used to being looked at, but we are not used to being seen. In Healing Presence, we cultivate total attention to another human being, with divine love. Every human being is the breathing image of God; every person is worthy of the full spectrum of our attention. We cultivate a range of attention skills to this end: interviewing, active listening and observation, prophetic vision, listening touch, words of wisdom and knowledge.

Lay on hands. Touch is a basic human need, essential for the health of body and spirit. An attentive touch can listen, give comfort, ease pain, allow the system to notice and re-organize itself, bring awareness to a neglected part, and so much more. We strive for the most attentive and educated touch we can develop.

Anoint with oil. Humans have used medicinal plants for time out of mind, and recorded use of aromatic oils dates back at least to ancient Egypt. For thousands of years, Our People have anointed with oil to ease discomfort, heal the body and spirit, and set a person apart for special service. We draw on the full range of available plants and oils in the modern world for these purposes.

Pray. Prayer is a two-way conversation between us and God. We present the concerns of the day before Him, drawing on a variety of biblical examples for inspiration, and we listen carefully for what He has to say in return.

…in the presence of God. None of this just happens on earth. It is our priestly duty and privilege to present those we care for in the courts of heaven, before the throne of the Creator Himself. Following our Forerunner Jesus, our Lord and Brother, we do so, there to receive the Father’s guidance and to enact His will in heaven, that it might become true on earth.

Thank you for the work you did with me last week. I was able to let go, forgive, and be completely reassured in God’s love and who I am…What an amazing gift He has given you! To touch and heal people through His grace and power.
Pretty weird, pretty awesome.


Health is not the absence of disease; it is the harmonious functioning of our whole being together. We were made in perfect health, and when the Kingdom of God comes in its fullness, we will be in perfect health. Here and now, countless aspects of our being are out of balance. Mostly these things self-correct…sort of…except for when they don’t…and ultimately we die. We cannot cheat the realities of a broken world, but we are called to alleviate suffering as we can. The more we can restore each other to harmonious function, the better off we all are.


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