Which Price?

God made our bodies to be deeply and incredibly adaptable. This adaptive ability was not destroyed as a result of the Fall. To this day, your body will adapt to whatever you do.

But everything that has a front, has a back. Every adaptation costs you something.

Check to see how much range of motion a good cyclist has in his quads and hip flexors. Ask a roomful of Yoga Journal cover models about SI joint pain, and watch as their hands unconsciously move behind them to rub that area. Ask a roomful of black belts about their wrist and knee injuries.

You can’t spend thousands of hours on a bike without losing some range of motion in your hips. You can’t spend thousands of hours on King Pigeon Pose without it affecting your SI joints. You can’t spend thousands of hours punching and kicking things without taking a toll on your joints.

But you can’t get good at anything without spending thousands of hours. Everything that has a back, has a front. Do a little of everything in the quest to avoid paying the price of expertise, and you won’t have any expertise to show for it.

The question is not how to avoid paying the price. The question is, which price are you called to pay?


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