Christian Yoga Resources

In our pursuit of yoga-style exercise, we have found a number of resources very helpful — most of them not authored by Christians. That’s another post for another day. Today, we’d like to share with you a number of yoga resources created by and for Christians. We don’t vouch for everything they say about the theory of Christian yoga, but when it comes to what’s on the mat, we have found them helpful, and we think you might, too.

Susan Bordenkircher has a book/DVD combination that is a pretty good place to start your Christian yoga practice. She also has a few other DVDS on her website. We began our group practice with nothing but these three DVDs.

Brooke Boone’s Holy Yoga has a number of DVDs, a couple books, downloadable resources, a subscription service and teacher training.

Yahweh Yoga has DVDs, CDs, a book, online resources and teacher training.

PraiseMoves has built their brand around not being yoga, but rather a Christian alternative to it. They have a number of DVDs out.


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